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There are many Uber-link companies in the world, Crypto Lift was unique in the additional user friendly features it provided.

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Uber-like Mobile Applications

While Uber wasn't the first, they certainly set the standard of mobile app based taxi services and therefore became the most popular taxi service on the planet.

Many companies have copied Ubers business methods and are building similar applications. Most of the differences are in the fees. Where the user pays slightly less, the driver earns slightly more, some discounts and regular user benefits.

The idea

Our client is from Serbia and had the idea to provide different types of features and services. The features are; the ability to pay through Crypto currency, the ability to share rides, while services include, being able to take pets onboard, services for visually impaired individuals.

The client provided the design, and the idea and we produced a unique app within a very common niche allowing the business to stand out. The business grew significantly within only a few months of launch - they went from 0 to over 5,000 subscribers.

Their growth was so significant that within 6 months of Launch they were able to expend over into Switzerland.

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The Solution

With a small team of developers, we were able to create the app in a time frame of about 1 month. Companies like Uber have worked on the shared ride features for over a year in order to bring it into the app. It goes to show that you don't need a lot of developers for quality and complex features, just a few of the right ones.

The demand for the shared ride features has grown due to the benefits of cost for each user and environmental impacts. Many companies face the complexity of developing such features due to the way transportation apps are developed.

If a User is traveling from point A to point D, the distance between these two points are calculated and multiplied by the price per kilometre. With shared rides it is difficult to subtract costs and share costs if there is another user which is going from point B to point C which is on the way, because travel is no so linear. To add to this complexity in many scenarios there will be up to 4 users sharing rides which means the app needs to be able to look at each users travel distance and divide the payments equality. Due to this complexity, many companies are finding it difficult to produce a solution for shared rides.

The equation we used to create this feature was to calculate the distance between each stop and divide it by the amount of people inside the car currently.

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Services Rendered

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Have a mobile app you'd like to bring to life?

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