Mobile app design & development

Mobile phones are no longer a luxury, they have become a necessity and one which can bring a lot of business opportunities.
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In the beginning there was mobile...

It's hard to imagine a world where there was no mobile phones. But only a few decades ago there was no mobile phones or applications. The world was much different, much slower.

Initially mobile phones have made it possible for us to contact family and friends at any time from any location in the world with only a few clicks of a button. Nowadays mobile phones give us access to applications which help most of us navigate the world around us. On average statistics it shows that the growth of mobile use has grown from 2.7 hours for adults per day to an average of 6.3 hours from 2008 to 2020.

Mobile usage is only increasing, Google statistics say that 70%+ internet users are accessing the internet from mobile devices. From the 70%, 80%+ are accessing apps. Meaning that the mobile application industry is the strongest IT industry in the world!

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Mobile apps are a necessity

We relay on mobile applications for time management, finance, motivation, news, information, and so much more. Mobile phones have paved the way for many new modern millionaires and billionaires, companies like Facebook, Instagram, AirBnb, Uber have grown and become Goliath due to the development of mobile applications.

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Compability of our applications

The Android applications we create are adapted to the latest version of the Android operating system and use all the new features that it provides.

When developing an operating system, we ensure our apps are compatibility with older versions of Android operating systems and in that way make sure that our Android applications are supported on wide range of mobile devices and Android versions.

We ensure all our applications run equally stable on all versions of the Android system.

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Responsive mobile app design & development

The Android operating system is present at a large number of mobile device manufacturers, which can be of different sizes and proportions.

Therefore, during the development, we make a great effort to optimize the graphical interface of Android applications in order to enable applications to work seamless regardless of the dimensions of the device on which it runs, whether it is a mobile phone or tablet.

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Development of Android Applications

Android is the platform used by the largest number of mobile devices in the world, and Android applications provide incredible opportunities for a business development.

Thanks to Android, mobile devices are used as a source of information and entertainment.

Creating Android applications allows companies to build a stronger relationship with their users.

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iOS Applications

The development of iOS applications is intended for users of iPhone (iPhone) - Apple mobile devices.

According to all statistics, there is a larger number of users on the Android operating system, the fact is that the application must be accessible to everyone, and therefore the users of Apple's mobile devices should not be denied to access your app content.

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All applications are localized.

It is possible to view the content of the application in the selected language.

If the application itself needs to be multilingual, support for multiple preferred languages can be integrated for all application content.

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Offline Strategies

In certain situations, if the use of the application depends entirely on the presence of an Internet connection, it is possible to develop an appropriate data caching strategy to make the data available locally on the device even in situations when the Internet connection is not available.

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Easy Application Management

After development and testing, the mobile application is placed on Google play or Apps store.

In this way, it becomes easily accessible to your customers because they only need to install it on their mobile phone or tablet and use it in their daily work.

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Benefits of working with us

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High focus on UX

High focus on user experience in order to avoid frustration and delays within the system.

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We focus on creating interactive user experiences which are personalized and improve user experience.



We use our servers to load content as user approached content, which ensures the fastest load times.

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We are highly experienced and have worked on everything from simple applications to government jobs which require a higher level of detail and knowledge.

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Material Design

When we design for mobile we make sure we use standardize type of icons for the design which makes it very easy to navigate.

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Detailed Testing

We thoroughly test every stage of the application to ensure there are no bugs or errors.

Our Process


Initial Meeting

We get a list of app requirements from you, which we can establish the design & development timeline and the total cost.



A question and answering stage allows us to understand all the requirements of the development.



We design mockups of all the screens of your application, providing you with a visual overview of your app and allowing you to make any changes in the design.



We develop and test the application before sending it to you to test on your own through our live servers. In the process we flatten out any errors and make sure that the app fulfills all your requirements.



We deploy your application on google play and apple play so it is accessible to all your customers.

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Ready to bring your idea to life?

The number of mobile applications being developed per day are increasing every year. Many people have found the key to success is not re-inventing the wheel, just innovation.

The most successful companies didn't create something totally new, they just saw a problem with existing services and added their own innovation to the mix to create a profitable online business.