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FYB Provides business management consultation services along with software for businesses.

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The Problem

While FYB has many in-house developers, there developers time is reserves for developing and updating in house tools. So when the service called muse went out of date, their website also went with it.

A company as large as FYB needed to have a website which was stable, and easy to update for non-tech savvy people within the business. FYB has in house designers, however they left the design and development including the system to use completely up to us.

The Work

Based on the designers skills, who didn't really have much front end skills, however had decent design skills and had the need to constantly update new products and blogs, we decide to develop the website on Webflow which is a software marketed towards web designers.

Webflow is a low-code software which allows web designers to create and build websites without having to write code. Very similar to Photoshop, it allows you to visually see what you are building.

Webflow also provides a very easy to use CMS which is great for people within FYB who are not tech savvy.

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The Solution

We designed and developed FYB's new website inside Webflow, while also recording the entire process and provided videos for the designer to use to reference if they needed to update parts of the website at a later stage.

Using Webflow as a service, and being able to provide a video documentation has allowed FYB to move on with a peace of mind knowing that their in house designer will always be able to produce any updates to their website.

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Services Rendered

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Do you need an impressive, easy to update website?

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