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Good businesses are made out of two key elements; Good processes & good software.
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Software development brings efficiency to your business

Your business may already be using several types of software like Mailchimp, gmail, excel, accounting software to decrease resources spend on tedious tasks.

You can image how much harder it would be to do email marketing without having software like Mailchimp. Unknowingly you may have processes and tasks in your business which also can be automated that can save you a ton of time.

Memory - which is a time tracking tool, reported in 2018 that small & medium business owners spend on average 31% of their weekly time on non billable activities. On average small and medium business owners work 60-80 hours per week running their business. This means that they spend 18-24 hours per week on non billable activities!

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Buying time with software development

They say time cannot be bought, but we disagree. You can definitely buy and save time through software development.

We may not be able to extend how long you live, but we can help you from wasting precious time on tedious tasks within your business, allowing you to become more efficient and use your time on things you enjoy.

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Software as a service, or SaaS in short can be a business. Providing online platforms for coaches, real estate, business analysis, marketing platforms and so much more. Any repeatable tasks can be developed as a software system.

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Simplicity to your business

As your company grows, the stack of tools you use will increase which adds complexity to your business structure. A custom developed software can increase your business efficiency by cutting down the need of a lot external software which takes time to bring data from one element to another.

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Modular Development

Lots of software come with extra functionality, which you don't need now or maybe ever.              

It makes sense to build a tool specifically for your needs. A tool which other features can be added as you grow. It's a better option then having to switch to another tool and relearning everything, switching over your information, etc.

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Scale Quicker

If you want to take your company to the next level your need to invest into software for your specific needs. The software will help you by allowing you to spend less resources on tasks which take lots of time, and automating your process.

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By having a large stack of third party tools or plugins you have a higher chance of being breached and your data being lost or stolen. As proud white hatters we can provide 100% secure servers which will protect your company info and not take any of your time to update and maintain.

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Our Process


Initial Meeting

We will meet and discuss your needs, and consult you on the best way to achieve automation within your business. Then we will set a timeline for your software to be designed and developed.



We will do wire frames and run and question and answer test with you to make sure you completely understand your needs, at the same time we will make sure everything logically works.



We will provide designed mock ups of your software, showing you what the final product will look like. You will be able to make revisions to get the design to a stage you're happy with.



Software development usually takes a couple weeks, sometimes months. So we like to keep in touch during development and show different stages, to make sure we're on the right track, at the same time you will be able to test the tool in our live server environment.



We will test everything make sure it works across all browsers and devices before presenting to you the final product. In our testing we also include penetration and breach testing.



Once you are happy with the end results, we can either send the project to you or manage it for you. This includes security and backups, which is required in order to keep your data safe.

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Investing into your business

Software development for your business is never money which is spent, it is money which is invested!

Think of it this way, if you have a tedious task which takes each employee in your business 1 hour per day and you have 10 employees, that's 10 hours per day. 50 Hours per week, 200 per month, 2400 per year. If the average hourly rate of an employee is $50. The cost of this tedious task is $120,000 dollars per year.

This is why software development for your business is an investment. You invest your money into your company allowing your staff to become more efficient and instead of spending 2400 hours per year on tedious tasks, you get an extra 2400 hours on billable activities.