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Digital business cards existed long before our clients idea to create a unique digital business. It was our clients innovative idea which created a complex problem for us to solve.

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Traditional digital business cards.

Traditional digital business cards require the person who is receiving the card information to have an app installed in order to be able to access the information on the card.

Digital business cards also usually have a QR code to scan on the actual business cards themselves. While keeping all the business details printed on the card.

Our client thought that digital business card to be falling short of it's potential and wondered if there was a more enviro-friendly method to create a digital business card.

The idea

Our client is from Australia, and has often witnessed the devastation that bush fires cause to the environment. They wanted to get involved and help prevent further damage to the environment by producing a product which would save trees, the benefit that the product is also easier to use is just an additional bonus.

The idea they had was to use a plastic card which could store data on it and transfer the data by tapping a phone with the card. Which would make it not necessary to re-print the card. The information which is on the card is located on a server which the user who purchases the card can access and change at any time. Everyone who scanned their card would automatically get an update of the information which is in the card.

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The Solution

While plastic cards are not the most enviro-friendly alternative, they are better because of the method of developing the product. With classic digital cards, every time the information needs to be updated, the cards need to be re-printed which enables the process of cutting down trees to turn into printing material.

The plastic card does not have any business information on it apart from the logo, background design of the users choice and a QR code on the back of the card. The information is stored on the card itself using QR codes and NFS technology. Making this type of business a rare type of development work if not totally unique.

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Services Rendered

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