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E-commerce is one of the newest industries that is ever growing, which has allowed many people to become financially free.

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The Problem

E-commerce is an ever growing industry which is seeing thousands of new stores being sprung up every day throughout the world. New stores, often have new ideas, new innovative ways to produce new products into the worlds and solve new problems or needs.

Our client is from Norway, a country which is economical powerful, one of the most powerful in the world, however it lacks decent Norwegian E-commerce tools. Where many shop owners are left using English based tools to make to for their e-commerce needs.

The Idea

Creating custom stores is always a solution for any Norwegian E-commerce owner. However, depending on how big or small the company is, developing your own completely custom online store system may sometimes be expensive depending on your needs.

Your client decided to build a custom ecommerce system similar to the likes of Shopify, and WooCommerce which is specifically developed for Norwegian online store owners. The E-commerce offers native solutions for all problems like finance, shipping and payments.

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The Solution

We developed a completely custom software which allows our client who is a designer to develop online stores that provide physical and digital products, along with a support system, a complete documentation and some example sites to show him how, even someone who isn't a developer can use the system we developed to create bespoke online stores for their clients.

Our client uses the tool in order to create custom online solutions for his customers, while giving him the creative freedom of being able to design the store to look exactly as he wants and charge the monthly fees he wants to his customers.

Our client now has a one of a kind software which allows him to be able to easily convert Norwegian online store owners into clients.

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Services Rendered

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