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Real Time Traffic is a Australian government backed agency which provides Traffic Data and Analytics.

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Traffic Data and Analytics

Traffic Data and Analytics are one of the most important aspects of today's every growing society. The more that the world population grows the harder it gets to travel and avoid accidents.

Real Time Traffic has cameras setup on parking lots, train stations, freeways, and any roads throughout Australia which are frequently being used. The cameras are used to record and analyse information to provide data driven consultation to the Australia government. The Australian government can use this data to then create road solutions which help reduce traffic and ultimately save lives.

The Work

Our collaboration with Real Time Traffic begins with a simple parking app, which allows Victorians to book and pay for parking spots in advance. This app makes the roads less congested, because based on the app, people will know where their parking spot is waiting for them and go directly to their spot, or they will take other methods of transport if they know there is no parking available. The app works in real time with only 2 seconds latency showing and diverting users to available parking spots.

There is also a dashboard which we have developed that takes data from the mobile app, and converts it to analytics to show large parking owners how their parking spots are performing, who is using their parking spots, and for how long.

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We have since created a partnership with Real Time Traffic, designing and developing software and mobile applications for them. We have a total of 18 projects spanning the next 5 years which we will be producing for them and ultimately for the Australian government in order to be able to make roads safer in Australia and reduce the amount of C2O as well as traffic.

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Services Rendered

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